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17 Sep 2018

In 2018, eight young women from Melbourne’s inner North have come together to change the lives of 150 women, living with Fistula. Fistula is a devastating condition, affecting hundreds of thousands of women around the globe. It is caused by prolonged, obstructed labour and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). It is a significant and highly prevalent health issue in Somalia.

The team organised a fundraising event – Dine4Dignity Fundraiser dinner held at Laila Reception which attracted over 200 people. Overall the Team managed raise over $28,000 over the period of just over 2 months to provide funds for corrective surgery to Somali women suffering from Obstetric Fistula. Each year, 100,000 women are affected by Obstetric Fistula with maternal mortality rates in Somalia the highest in the world.

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