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01 Feb 2018

Himilo Community Connect in partnership with Reclink Australia run the School Holiday Cup during the first week of every school holiday. These summer holidays saw young men and women across the community coming together to compete in teams for the Cup over three different events, including men’s and women’s indoor soccer and basketball.

This competitive but social competition is a holistic program of leadership development, teamwork skills and positive health and wellbeing for young Somali-Australian men/women who are of low SES or at risk backgrounds. The program participants age from 15 to 20 and reside in or have a strong connection to Heidelberg West.

The Cup overcomes many barriers to participation by offering a local, free of charge and culturally appropriate experience. The Cup also delivers a structured round robin style strengthening and capacity building activities focused on mentoring, volunteerism, health and well-being all tide into a fun day of indoor soccer and basketball.