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Himilo Homework Club and Himilo Mental Health Program Coordinator

Amina Liban is one of the 2 Social Workers. She has been with Himilo Community Connect for just over 3 years. Amina first began her work with Himilo Community Connect as a university placement student and later joined the team as a staff member, supporting the development of school aged learning activities and mental health workshops. Amina Liban received a bachelor’s in human services and master’s in social work from La Trobe University.

Her professional interests focus on providing opportunities to all members of the community, to improve quality of life and learning opportunities through the Himilo Homework Club and the Himilo Mental Health programs. In addition, she currently serves as the Assistant Secretary of the Somali Australian Council of Victoria (SACOV). Amina has been volunteering for a little over 10 years with various organisations and is currently active through ASRC and SACOV.

Amina is the fourth oldest among 13 children, and when she is not spending time with them, Amina loves catching up with her friends. Amina has recently discovered her love for jet skiing on her mini trip to Malaysia.